Center of Energy aims to:


  • Strengthening the research potential of Krakow Metropolitan Area
  • Increase the competitiveness and exploit the potential of Krakow metropolitan area not only in Poland, but also among European metropolitan areas.
  • Consolidation of the scientific environment and R&D activities in a wider area of ​​sustainable energy, including clean coal technologies, renewable energy, nuclear energy, materials technology, transport and the environment protection.
  • Generation of synergies in cooperation with research and education, as well as commercialization of research results.
  • Institutionalization development of scientific center - research within the COM on the basis of the AGH Centre of Energy in Krakow. 
  • Intensification of education, increase the number of research and commercialization of research results in the field of innovative technologies.
  • Development of cooperation between scientific and research centers – AGH Center of Energy and traders operating in the field of energy in general.
  • Improve the quality of research and achieve a high level standard recognized by international research community.
  • The growing importance of the Krakow Metropolitan Area, including AGH in Krakow in the European Research Area. 
  • Increase the competitiveness of the Malopolska region due to the functioning of modern scientific- research units, such as Centre of Energy as one of the modern structures of AGH in Krakow.
  • An increase in matching demand and supply in the economy in terms of technological and organisational innovation in the wider area of sustainable energy. 
  • To increase the leveling offers possibility of scientific research to meet the needs of a modern economy.
  • Increase the quality of education in the field of technical sciences and decisive directions determining the competitiveness of the Polish economy.
  • Improvement the situation of Malopolska labor market.

Project beneficiaries

  • Scientific-research staff of AGH in Krakow
  • Doctoral and other degree students of various faculties and departments of AGH UST
  • Domestic and foreign universities (JBR)
  • Krakow Metropolitan Area
  • Entrepreneurs / Economic Entities of energy sector in the country and abroad

Financial data of the project



Total value of the project - 121 259 671,80 PLN

  • Eligible costs: 100 089 470,08 PLN
  • Part of that aid is not applicable: 59 134 201,30 PLN 
  • Part aided by public: 40 955 268,78 PLN
  • Funding: 66 201 808,00 PLN, including:
    - Part of that aid is not applicable: 45 724 173,61 PLN, which represents  77,32 % of eligible costs not covered by public aid
    - Part aided by public: 20 477 634,39 PLN  which represents 50% of eligible costs covered by public aid
  •  Average% of funding 66,14%