The Laboratory of Modeling the Functional Properties of Materials

Pavilion C-5, premises 404


Basic physico-chemical properties of materials for the storage and conversion of renewable energies will be carried out in the laboratory of modeling and functional properties of materials. In particular, measurements will be focused on the characteristics relevant to the construction of high-temperature lithium batteries and fuel cells: chemical composition (spectrometer ICP-MS), structure (spectrometer DRIFT), microstructure and surface morphology (measurement of adsorption isotherms, analysis of particle size distribution of powders, and pore size distribution analysis by Hg porosimetry) thermal expansion and sinterability of powders (dilatometer), electrical conductivity as a function of temperature and [czterosondową] atmospheric composition and impedance spectroscopy technique, which also allow determination of share in total conductivity of the material inside the beans and intergranular boundaries. 


The obtained results, in addition to direct assessment of the test materials suitability to structure of lithium cells or fuel cells, will allow to build and verification theoretical models of describing materials, and, in particular, the structure of points defects, electronic structure, cargo transport mechanisms, insulator-metal transition, thermoelectric properties and more. The discovery of the basic trends in physical and chemical properties, in many cases, it may be the key to the development of new innovative materials with improved performance characteristics.


Laboratories users:

prof. dr hab. Janina Molenda
tel. 12 617 25-22
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WEiP, Department of Hydrogen Energy, H-B3-B4, II, 243