The Laboratory of Petroleum Fuels and Second Generation Biofuels (PniB2)


Pavilion C-5, premises 201


Teaching classes and research projects relating to the production and conversion of biofuels of the latest generation will be conducted in the laboratory of Petroleum Fuels and Second Generation Biofuels. The main theme will focus on the problem optimization of efficient production of biofuels as bio-components for hydrocarbon fuels and as inherent fuels together with a comprehensive analysis of their composition, physico-chemical properties and performance.  


This will include research areas such as:

  • thermochemical conversion (pyrolysis, gasification, hydrothermal processes), various types of biomass and waste fractions (eg. municipal, posindustrial);
  • hydrotreating lipids to 'green' diesel;
  • lipid extraction from biomass using CO2 in supercritical conditions;
  • study on microalgae efficiency for wastewater treatment, post-processing of water and exhaust gases;
  • synthesis of new micro-mesoporous catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch processes.



In the era of progressive depletion of fossil fuel reserves and the tightening of environmental standards, research in these areas is recognized as a worldwide priority and is completely innovative. In addition, teaching classes in this respect will expertly prepare students to work in the key energy-fuel industry. It is planned to support the functioning of the laboratory in the transfer of knowledge through international cooperation with leading research centers and implementing projects supported by personal exchange within the framework of ITN-MCS or NCN programs. In addition, request on application for individual grants (NCN) and within the framework of scientific and industrial consortia (NCBiR).


Laboratory users:

m. sc. Mariusz Wądrzyk

tel. 12 617 38 90;
tel. 505-897-785 

WEiP, Department of Fuel Technology. B-3, III floor, room 313



  • MSc., Specializing in fuel technology; (2009) AGH UST, Faculty of Energy and Fuels,
  • Doctoral studies (2013), AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Metal Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, 
  • Research teaching assistant (from XII.2009) Department of Fuel Technology, Faculty of Energy and Fuels, AGH University of Science and Technology,
  • Author and co-author of publications in the field of conventional motor fuels and biofuels (14),
  • Participation in implementation of the grants funded by NCN (1), and commissioned work carried out for industry (2) 
  • In 2012, internship in research group of Sustainable Process Technology, University of Twente, Netherlands, 
  • He has won prizes for the best doctoral students, Mayor of Cracow City (2012) and competition "Science in environmental service and economy' (2010),
  • Teaching classes in the field of Chemical and Energy Technology, both in Polish and English

d. sc. Rafał Janus
tel. (12) 617 38 90

  • M.Sc. in Chemistry (2008), Jagiellonian University, Faculty of Chemistry
  • Eng. of Chemical Technology (2011), AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Energy and Fuels
  • Dr. in Chemical Sciences, specialty: structured synthesis of functional materials for catalytic applications and adsorption
  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Fuel Technology, Faculty of Energy and Fuels AGH (since 2013)
  • Author and co-author at scientific conferences and publications (8) in the field of synthesis of mesoporous composite materials and carbon replicas dedicated to the catalytic converters and adsorption
  • contractor in research projects funded by MNiSW and FNP
  • Foreign internships: University of Antwerp, Belgium (2010), University of Alicante, Hispania (2011-2012)
  • Doctoral Scholarship Winner of Malopolska (2009) under Measure 2.6 of the Integrated Operational Programme for Regional Development 2004-2006
  • Teaching courses: classes within the framework of conventional liquid fuels and alternatives (production, physicochemical characterization) and chemistry.

prof. dr hab. inż. Janusz Jakóbiec

tel. (12) 617-38-90

  • PhD in technical sciences (1996, Polytechnic University in Krakow), Dr. Eng. (2007,Lublin), Prof. D.Sc..UP Eng. (2014, UP Lublin).
  • Specialty conventional motor fuels and biofuels, lubricating oils, internal combustion engines
  • Head of the research group at the Department of Fuel Technology, Faculty of Energy and Fuels, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, from 2008 to present
  • Head of the Traction Research Institute of Technology, Nafty- Kraków 1991-2008
  • The author and co-author: monograph (2), chapters in monographs (10), publications in scientific journals (130) and the publication for Conference proceedings (72),
  • Participation in the projects financed by NCN, KBN, MNiSW, EU (8) and the projects for industry (65).
  • Teaching classes: Chemical and Energy Technology in the field of combustion piston engine, conventional and alternative fuels and operation of machines and equipment.