Laboratory of Integrated Operating Systems (IOS)

Pavilion C-5, premises 001


Laboratory will be used for research on software integration that will be created based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), business modeling enterprise architectures and creating distributed network software, which is integrated into the enterprise service bus (ESB).


Scientific research areas:
Scientific research works include: methodologies of software integration via SOA paradigm, methodologies for corporate software development, business enterprise architecture modeling, methods for assessment and validation of enterprise architecture, processing in cloud computing, application of SOA paradigm in embedded systems.


Scientific research programme:
It is planned to launch research positions consisting of PCs with appropriate software: Linux operating systems, Java EE application servers (eg. JBoss, IBM Web Sphere), which will be installed extensions (ESB, BPEL process engines) to enable modeling, database systems (PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2, Oracle) to create and run distributed enterprise software.


Activities - projects:
Laboratories will allow to take actions within the framework of all types of research projects, research and development (R&D), related to the following areas / sectors:

  • distributed systems
  • enterprise architecture 
  • model-driven development
  • software development based on SOA and EDA paradigms



Laboratory Users

Dr. Paweł Skrzyński

tel: (12) 617 52-17

tel. 602-538-497



WEAIiIB, Department of Computer Science. C-2, floor IV, room. 403