Laboratory of Electro-Energy Quality

Pavilion C-5, premises 103


The quality of the supply of electricity (also known as electro energy quality) is becoming one of the most important problems of modern electrical engineering. Even now, and certainly in the near future, almost all users of this form of energy will face problems with quality, hence drawing professional satisfaction and financial benefits or experiencing the negative effects of its degradation.

In the last decade, the level of interest in this rapidly growing field of science and technology has clearly increased. There are numerous reasons for this, including the fact that the quality of electro-energy supply determines the current global economic development and the quality of life. These reasons also include the increasing widespread use of distributed energy resources.


Scientific research areas: 

These mainly include :

  • Measurement and processing of electrical signals
  • Electronic devices to improve the conditions of supply
  • The cost of poor electro-energy quality
  • Electro-energy conversion efficiency


Scientific Research Programme:

Within the framework of the laboratory, it is planned to arrange the tests for:

  • Distribution of electro-energy quality measurement indicators in order to study the propagation and localization of sources of electromagnetic disturbances ( voltage fluctuations , dips , deformation and asymmetry )
  • distribution of electro-energy measurements and energy supply network
  • collection of data on voltage quality indicators and events for the whole AGH network
  • assessment of emissions and immunity of receivers and sources of electro- energy ( phase current to 16A) - in accordance with European standards EN 61000 series
  •  evaluation the efficiency of energy conversion receivers and sources (with a phase current up to 16A )
  •  certification of measuring instruments for recording voltage quality indicators ( according to EN 61000-4-30 , -4-15 and -4-7 )

Activities – projects:

The Laboratory allows to take action within the framework of all types of research and development (R&D) projects implemented in the electro-energy sector, and related to the following areas: 

  • Legal and organizational quality of energy supply
  • Location of sources of disturbances in the power system
  • The methods and technical means of measurement of the quality of electro-energy
  • Revision of the existing permissive emission limit values ​​and levels of compatibility
  • Economic aspects of quality of electro-energy supply
  • Methods to improve voltage quality
  • Efficient use of electro-energy
  •  Certification recorders voltage quality indicators
  • Tests emission and immunity of receivers and sources of low power



Laboratory users:

prof. dr hab. inż. Zbigniew Hanzelka

tel. 12-617-28-78

tel. 12-617-28-01;
tel. 05-433-584

WEAIiIB, Department of Electro-Energy and Automation of System Processing