The Laboratory of Synthesis and Research Materials for Energy

Laboratory of Synthesis and Research Materials for Energy will be used for educational research activities.The laboratory will receive the following materials: 

1. Materials for construction of high-temperature fuel cells:

  • solid electrolytes (oxygen ion and proton conductors)
  • electrode materials (eg composites)


2. Materials for the construction of pumps and membranes for production and purification of hydrogen - high temperature ceramic proton conductors 

3. Materials with water photodestructive in photoelectrochemical cells PEC

4. Materials for photodestructive impurities

5. A variety of materials for the construction of fuel gas sensors, toxic and other

6. Metallic materials with high resistance to corrosion

7. Development of tools and methods to optimize material properties

Scientific research apparatus consisting of lab equipment 'Thermal Properties of Research Materials' and 'Electrochemistry and Surface' to enable the characterization of received materials. A research in a limited range of teaching activity will be carried out by conducting surveys to prepare doctoral thesis and dissertations. It is also expected to conduct classes (to a limited extent) with the students of last semester of the II degree study (e.g. functional materials specialty).

Contact us: (+48) 12 617 55 22, e-mail: ce(at)