About AGH UST Center of Energy

The AGH UST Center of Energy facilitates collaboration of university with business, which brings to most innovative research and development projects. It is also the place where educational activities are provided for students of AGH UST in Kraków.

The „Center of Energy project" was co-financed by the University budget and the funds from the EU from the Regional Programme of Małopolskie Voivodeship (5.1 MRPO.05.01.00-12-084/1 for 2007-14). Overall cost of the AGH Energy Centre was 120 499 489,79 PLN, where average amount of   financing was 66,14%. It was the biggest investment in infrastructure in the history of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków.

AGH UST Center of Energy is an unit of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. It is a modern building of 15 000 square metres in area, which holds 40 specialized laboratories, 13 lecture halls and computer halls, conference room, lobby „Wieża” and underground car park.

The unusual feature of Center of Energy is the separation of the infrastructure into two parts.

In the Educational and Research part there are 22 laboratories and computer halls, where AGH UST students attend to multiple, in the majority of cases, technical courses. Modern equipment and open access to the newest technology gives a great opportunity for students to carry out research for bachelor thesis and PHD thesis on the professional level.

In the Commercial and Research part there are 14 laboratories, office space and computer halls that are intended to be used by entrepreneurs as a modern place to organize specialized R&D works in cooperation with academic researchers. We are prepared to work on issues relating administration and management of projects. It allows to balance the demands of academic and business society. 

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Research activities

The main research interest is Energy, in its broad sense, including disciplines such as:

  • Conventional Generation: CCS and CCU technologies, fuels and sorbents, cogeneration and trigeneration, district heating
  • Renewable energy: wind power energetics, water power energetics, hydrogen power energetics, photovoltaics, biomass and biogas, refuse delivered fuels
  • Industrial Power Engineering: applications of combustible gasses, trigeneration
  • Electricity Grids: smart grid, smart metering, energy storage, IT services
  • New products and services: e-mobility, prosumer energetics, scattered power industry)New products and services: e-mobility, prosumer energetics, scattered power industry.

Beneficiaries of the Center of Energy Project

  • academic – research staff of AGH UST
  • Phd students and students of particular faculties of AGH UST
  • Both domestic and foreign universities
  • Krakow Metropolitan Area
  • The Energy business operators and entrepreneur, both domestic and foreign

Financial data of the project



Total value of the project - 121 259 671,80 PLN

  • Eligible costs: 100 089 470,08 PLN
  • Part of that aid is not applicable: 59 134 201,30 PLN 
  • Part aided by public: 40 955 268,78 PLN
  • Funding: 66 201 808,00 PLN, including:
    - Part of that aid is not applicable: 45 724 173,61 PLN, which represents  77,32 % of eligible costs not covered by public aid
    - Part aided by public: 20 477 634,39 PLN  which represents 50% of eligible costs covered by public aid
  •  Average% of funding 66,14%