The Laboratories of Research and Production of Advanced Structural Ceramic Materials

Pavilion C-5, premises 215 & 218


The team consists of:

  • Laboratory for Advanced Manufacturing and Construction of Refractory Materials for Applications in Power Industry (ZMO)
  • Research Laboratory of Advanced Features and Construction of Ceramic Materials for Applications in Power Industry (ZMO)


The goal of the laboratory is to develop new materials using advanced material technologies forspecialized components, sub-assemblies and equipment used in both traditional and modern energy applications. The laboratory work will be conducted on the preparation of new ceramic materials, mainly structural properties, with special properties used in both conventional power and new energy generation technologies including nuclear power. One of the groups of materials studied in this work will be carried out in the laboratory of modern ceramic materials with high thermal conductivity and high resistance to aggressive environments. These materials may, for example, be part of the high-temperature heat exchangers in power equipment including new types of nuclear reactors. In this regard, featured specific materials groups consist of carbon materials both in terms of materials of different phase and the composite microstructure.

Another area of the materials and technologies associated with the production of thermoelectricmodules with high efficiency thermoelectric generators used to convert waste heat energy, renewable energy (including solar and geothermal), specialized components for thermal power and nuclear power (including radioisotope thermoelectric generators RTG), thermoelectric heat flux transducers and temperature sensors, thermoelectric heat pumps, power systems for cathodic protection systems and other auxiliary systems and components commonly found in power equipment.

Technological laboratory is complemented by laboratory tests of all groups of materials. Thesestudies are also controlled in terms of the proper conduct of technological processes used to determine the properties of the obtained materials.


Thematic scope of research in ZKMC and ZMK includes:
1. Preparation and study of ceramic materials with high thermal conductivity and resistance to hostile environments;
2. New technologies for producing ceramic powders on the electrode with a mixed type of electrical conductivity;
3. The composite ceramic materials for separators in the fuel cell proton;
4. New thermoelectric materials intended to convert renewable energy;
5. Materials for thermoelectric heat pump;
6. Special carbon materials for energy applications.



Laboratory users:

dr inż. Mirosław Bućko

tel. 12 617 35 72;
tel. 601-954-500
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WIMiC, Department of ceramics and refractory materials, B-4, str. Akademicka 2, I p, 13