Laboratories and equipment of the AGH UST Center of Energy

The AGH UST Centre of Energy building is divided into two zones:
- Research and Service Zone
- Research and Education Zone

A complete list of labs is available below.

Labs at the Research and Service Zone

The research-service zone is comprised mainly laboratories with comfortable seminar rooms and office space to rent. This area is intended for business entities to conduct their own R&D work. Access to this part of the building is limited and require authorization.

Electrical Power Quality Laboratory
Labs of Industrial Electronics and Electromagnetic Compatibility:
 - Electromagnetic Compatibility and Power Systems Laboratory
 - Radio Technology Laboratory
Fine-Grained Materials Testing Laboratory
Smart Materials and Sensors Laboratory
Automation, Safety and Energy Management in Buildings Laboratory
Lithium Cell Technology Research and Development Laboratory
Robotics for Energy Laboratory
Energy Transformation to Conventional Energy Laboratory
Laboratory for Thermogravimetric Research
High-Efficiency Cogeneration Laboratory
Sorption Technologies Laboratory
Laboratory for CCU Process Engineering
Laboratory for Thermoelectric Technologies
Laboratory for Hydrogen Technologies, Diagnostics and Fuel Cells
Laboratory for Process Analysis and Simulations
Laboratory for Non-destructive Testing of Materials

Labs at the Research and Education Zone

The Research and Education Zone includes teaching rooms, lecture halls, computer labs and science labs. This is where classes are conducted for students of AGH UST faculties.

Second Generation Petroleum and Biofuels Laboratory
Alternative Fuels and Waste Laboratory
Laboratory for Synthesis and Research Materials for Energy
Advanced Energy Systems Laboratory
Laboratory for Environmental Protection and Radiochemistry
Electronics and Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory
Thermoelectric Materials and Devices Laboratory
Thermo-and Electro-chemical Fuel Conversion Laboratory
Batteries and Fuel Cells Laboratory
Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory
Laboratory for Energy Efficiency & Auditing
Laboratory for Energy, Heat and Flow Measurement
Radiometry Laboratory
Cogeneration Systems Laboratory
Lithium Cell Laboratory
High-temperature Fuel Cells Laboratory
Laboratory for Materials Engineering for Energy
Geo Hydraulics Laboratory
Polygeneration Laboratory
Heterogeneous Energy Systems Laboratory
Laboratory for Process and Technology Modelling
Laboratory Complex for Building Automation, Security, and Energy Management Teaching 
Laboratory Complex for Electric Power Quality Teaching