The Laboratory of Electronics and Electromagnetic Compatibility

Scientific and educational activities will be conducted for students at all three levels of education in the laboratory (BSc, MSc and PhD). Laboratory is divided into three zones (seminar, laboratory for design and launching the electronic systems, laboratory for manual and semi-automatic assembly of electronics components and specialized commissioning studies related to electromagnetic compatibility) that will conduct comprehensive services advanced teaching process. Part of the laboratory will be conducted to design and launching of electronic systems to familiarize the students with basic electronic circuits and dynamic phenomena occurring in systems such as energy electronics and communication lines. This is particularly important because the last can be seen dynamic development of digital control of power systems. The integration of knowledge in the field of power electronics, microprocessors, signal processing and electromagnetic compatibility becomes an essential element of understanding the latest systems and power systems. Enrichment of laboratory apparatus designed to assemble and test significantly increases potential educational value and acquire practical knowledge. Laboratory equipment for fitting both in manual and semi-automatic ability will prevent possible prototyping electronic systems and power electronics. This will enable students to familiarize themselves with the basic installation technologies, necessary work for the designer. In addition, dedicated specialist position to boot research related to electromagnetic compatibility will be more advanced research work on III degree training.

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