Prof. D.Sc. PhD, Wojciech Nowak

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1. Personal Data. Born April 22, 1954 in Czestochowa. He graduated with honors in 1979 at the Faculty of Thermal Engineering of the Mariupol Technical University in Ukraine. He received PhD and D.Sc. degree in technical sciences at the Czestochowa Polytechnic University in 1983 and 1991. He became an associate professor in 1997 and full professor in 1998.

2. Professional and scientific activity have begun at the Czestochowa Polytechnic University in 1979, in the Department of Boilers and Thermodynamics. Since 2000, He was Head of the Department of Atmosphere Protection at the Faculty of Environmental Engineering of the Czestochowa Polytechnic University renamed as the Institute of Advanced Energy Technologies in 2011, which is currently he is a Director of this institute. In 1987-1989 he served as a research assistant in Tokyo University and from 1991 to 1994 as a professor in Nagoya University in Japan. He was Dean of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (1996-1997) and the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment (2005-2012), from 2014 Vice-Dean for Science at the Faculty, and currently serves as a P.O. director of the Centre of Energy, AGH University of Science and Technology. From 01.03.2014 Professor at the Faculty of Energy and Fuels, AGH UST.

3. Developed research topics. Fluidization with particular attention to hydrodynamic flow and heat transfer in a circulating fluidized bed; fuel combustion in energy boilers with particular emphasis on the emission of gaseous pollutants, ash disposal and boiler innovative solutions; oxygen combustion of PF and fluidized integrated CO2 capture; a new generation of sorbents; trigeneration; energy efficiency.

4. Scientific achievements. New solutions to problems of hydrodynamics and combustion in a circulating fluidized bed. Specific achievements related to the issues centered on interdisciplinary environmental engineering and energy. New energy technologies - another significant achievement is implementation of several industrial unique technologies including desulphurization, innovative systems of oxygen supply to the combustion chamber, high efficiency of cyclone separation, drying atoms, and the reduction of nitrogen oxides and absorption of heat pumps. Coal combustion technology integrated with oxygen uptake, transport and storage of carbon dioxide is a new research direction in the field of energy research in the country carried out under the direction of the Candidate within the framework of the Strategic Project NCBiR 'Advanced technologies for energy generation'.

5. Publications. 7 books, monographs 4, 26 fragments in the books, 3 manuals, 494 articles (161 journals, including 29 journals from the Philadelphia list), 149 papers, 18 patents and 10 applications, 435 citations by web of science on 10/09/2014 y. SCOPUS, Index H 11.

6. Teaching activities. Promoter 14 completed PhD doctoral students (moreover 6 in progress).Three of his students work as a professor, and 7 as a lecturer, three people with foreign institutions and a few in the industry (including abroad).

7. Engineering activities. To develop and implement a method of flue gas desulphurization in energetic boilers with (Polish Patent No. 348398, No. 385302, No. 385303, No. 385304). The concept of removing CO2 from exhaust gases (Polish Patent No. 194418). More than 200 works and industrial deployments (PGE, Tauron, Fortum).

8. International cooperation. Coordinator of several programs of the EU and Japan, among others NEDO MITI Japan (1991-1994), TEMPUS (1998-2001); PECO program, 1992; Marie Curie Host Fellowships FP6; EU INCO-Copernicus project (1999-2001); Polish coordinator of the FP5 "CFB Combustors", 2000-2002; Polish coordinator of the 7th EU FP- Demo Project "FlexiBurn CFB", 2010-2013. Coordinator of Research Programme within Norwegian Mechanism (2008-2011); Project management within the framework of the Norwegian Mechanism 'Improving the quality and attractiveness of vocational education by increasing the efficiency of learning and teaching process and to increase the capacity of infrastructure of the Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Protection, 2009-2011. Member of European Energy Research Alliance (EERA); Coordinator of ERA NET "Advanced Biomass Combustion Modeling for Clean Energy Production (BIOMODELLING)", 2010-2012. Member of KIC "Advanced near zero emission Coal fired Power Plant (ACoPP)" 2011-obecnie. Member of KIC "Multi-fuel energy generation for Sustainable and Efficient use of Coal" 2011-obecnie. Polish coordinator "Overcoming Technological and Non-technological Barriers in Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies in Coal Combustion Plants", EuropeAid/132302/ACT/CAI Switch-Asia, 2012; Representative of the Republic of Poland in International Energy Agency (IEA) Fluidized Bed Conversion. Lecturer in many universities abroad, reviewer of EU grants, and Expert in International Arbitration Court.

9. Active participation in the national scientific organizations of government body.  Member of 3 Committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Environmental Engineering; Thermodynamics and Combustion, Energy Issues), Vice-President of the Polish Institute of Combustion.

10. Honors and scientific awards. Scepter of Energetic - The Main Board of the N-T Federation of Associations; Energy and Environment; Laureate of Polish Awards, Ashes 'Phoenix 2005' in the category 'Scientist; White Tiger Energy Laureate in 2006 for his outstanding contribution to the development of the Polish energy sector. Award form Organizing Committee of the Conference "Fluidized Bed combustion" for the best scientific work, Florida USA, 2003. Award from the Reactor P.Cz. 1994-2011. Silesian Governor Award "Silesian 5" in the category of science, 2012.